Australian Hearing Voices Network

Behind the label Rachel Waddingham provides excellent training on alternative approaches to mental health problems.

Beyond Meds Blog about holistic approaches to extreme mind states.

Discursive of Tumbridge Wells Interesting views and commentary on psychology and mental health.

Free mindfulness Free mindfulness resources.

The Hearing Voices Network Supports over 150 self help groups in England and has good self help publications. Contact them for info re your nearest hearing voices self help group. Also join their organisation and if you can give a donation as they are underfunded and do excellent work.

Intervoice  International community providing information about hearing voices.  This is such a useful site full of great writing about ways to understand and deal with difficult voice hearing experiences. Highly reccommended.

Jacqui Dillon online Jacqui Dillon provides excellent training on working with complex trauma, dissociation, ‘psychosis,’ healing and recovery.

Living life gently Elisabeth Svanhomer’s blog includes reflections on the highly sensitive person, creative approaches to hearing voices and communication skills. Online book and audio presentation of people’s experiences of hearing voices

Non-violent communication International community dedicated to the practice of non violent communication  – a useful approach to conveying feelings and needs peacefully.

Schizophrenia does not exist Informative Dutch web-site with good academic arguments.

Soteria Network UK website for people interested in alternative approaches to psychosis.

The Spiritual Crisis Network A UK based network set up to improve access to approaches to psychosis that see it as a spiritual crisis, linked to ‘spiritual emergence’ ideas.

Voice collective A London based project for children and young people who hear voices, see vsions or have other unusual experiences, includes good infromation for parents.

Voice Dialogue UK John Kent and Micheal Zimmerman deliver very useful training in the voice dialogue approach, a way of us understanding better different parts of ourselves.

Working to Recovery Provides excellent training on recovery based approaches to mental health problems

World of Voices Elisabeth’s Facebook blog about her life with her voices